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Knock Sensor Issues


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Is there anything else to try after replacing the knock sensors?  I had a P0330 code and replaced both knock sensors and the wiring harness.  After reassembling everything, I now have knock sensor errors on both banks (P0325 and P0330).  UGHH!! Any suggestions the next phase of troubleshooting?    I checked the sensors I replaced after getting new errors codes and both measured greater than 2.3 M ohms.  I'm not sure what the specs are but that seems pretty high.  Are they still good?

Also, one thing I noticed when driving is there is a fair amount of "clicking" under the dash on the drivers side, likely relays opening and closing.  Could this be related to anything leading to knock sensor codes?  It's my daughters car so I'm not sure if the clicking has always been there or not.

Any thoughts?

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