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Used 2000 Lexus ES300 Engine Problems


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A few months ago I bought a used 00 ES300 with about 190k. After about a week of driving, the engine light came on signalling that one of the O2 Sensors was bad so I replaced it. Fast forward a month and the light comes back on but this time it's for the variable valve timing solenoids, so I replaced them and the code goes away. An HOUR later the engine light returns, this time for the bank 2 knock sensor (code p0330). I thought that maybe the previous replacements would stop the grinding noise I hear when accelerating, but it seems this thing is just turning into a money pit. The steering wheel shakes violently while coasting at or above 45mph, and there's an audible grinding which increases in volume before shifting. Unrelated to the engine problems, the third brake light lights up when I check it, but not when pressing the brakes which triggers the light on the dash. Annoying and I can't seem to find a fix. Any help is appreciated. 

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