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Curious how many Lexus owners have had a brake actuator failure.  We have a 2013 RX350; we bought a new RX450, and parked the 350 over the holidays planning to sell.  When I started it, numerous warning lights came on: the "Check AWD System" light, the engine light, and the VSC and Traction Control System lights. Upon taking the vehicle to our dealer, were we told that the brake actuator assembly needed to be replaced.  The cost to do so was $3,855.12.  I found there was a NHTSA recall on 2/12/2014 for this issue, requiring a software upgrade to avoid the failure of the brake actuator.  The dealer advises that software was updated in 2015 - which obviously didn't work because the brake actuator still failed.  Lexus is refusing to cover this, even though the predicted failure occurred anyway.  If anyone else has experienced this, please let me know.  I am preparing litigation on this issue.

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We have 2013 lexus rx450h. Brakes started making what can be described as a seal barking type of noise we took it to dilorenzo a replace the brakes that did not stop the problem then after several other appointments they narrowed it down to what they think is the brake actuator. A few months afterwards all the warning lights came on and now they're telling me the Hybrid battery is no good. I've read where they are linked I'm not sure shocked that Lexus will not cover this especially after they replaced a cracked dashboard on my 2004 Lexus 350 when it was 10 years old and had more than a hundred thousand miles on it! 

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Are you certain that your 12V battery is fully charged? Sometimes a weak and/or old battery will produce various warning messages/symbols.

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Lexus said they fixed the problem, and refuse to fix it now. All lights are on, and I was told Break actuator is the problem.  

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