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Remote Key Fobs. not communicating


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Hi all, have a 1996 LS and both original key fobs have stopped working.

All functions still work with the key, car starts, can set alarm system, rear trunk lid opener opens with the switch inside on dash.

Here is what I have done so far:

Checked battery voltage in both remotes, they both read about 2.4V. Even put in new batteries.

Checked with a voltmeter every fuse in both the engine and interior fuse panels.

Cleaned the terminals on the car battery, which is new.

Unhooked the negative battery terminal and let the car sit to "reset". Nothing

I haven't done the reset procedure because I read that without all of the door actuators working you cannot complete the steps. 3 of mine are bad.

I have the factory manual, but unfortunately don't have the companion manual with the wiring diagrams. If anyone knows what pages in the mechanical manual would help out let me know.

Would  anyone have any info regarding the placement, and how to check the actual remote receiver that receives the signal from the remote, or am I barking up the wrong tree? Any help appreciated as I'm out of ideas.

Thanks, Bob D



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Well, I tried another thing and it worked.

i took off the negative battery clamp  and let it sit for a hour. Took the car for a 25 minute drive and it started working again.

Maybe it completed some sort of drive cycle and reset?  Anyhow it now works.

Bob D

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