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    • By heybro
      Just gutted my stock system from my 99 GS300. Headunit, amp and cd changer all worked except the lcd was going out on the display. I swapped in a touchsceen dvd with all the modern conveniences to bring it up to date. I don't have room to keep this stuff around on a shelf collecting dust so i'm open to offers. Thanks!
      lexus radio.pdf
      lexus radio2.pdf
      lexus radio3.pdf
      lexus radio4.pdf
      lexus radio5.pdf
    • By SkyeO
      In good condition.  Make an offer and cover shipping costs and its yours!
    • By slocapo
      Just started the other day with the FM on and then is jumped to Sirus... then the CD came out... FM back on ..... Then my SOS was notified that it was off... so I had to restart that.. Went to Lexus the other day for its 40K service. I told them about it.... could not find anything... this morning... worse than before... Anyone else know of this?
    • By adrian torres
      Help, I have a great ls400 with the nakamichi system that sounds great. The cd player has worked with no problems but the tape deck ejects all tapes as it make rewinding noises then switches sides then ejects. The only work done this past year was my alternator died and all of my systems lost power as my car died. After replacing it, I started to notice that my cd player would quit when playing and will not turn on. It is stilled powered and will eject but that is it. After some time, I can turn it on again. It it will quit again.
      Is this a bad head unit or is there a loose connection?
      I like my system and I would've liked to having everything working.
      Any ideas?