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How reliable is the hybrid compared to a standard rx350?


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We've had our 2006 RX400h since 4/2005 and it has been the most reliable vehicle we have ever had. Its brakes lasted 14 years of daily use. The only money we put into it has been for maintenance. It has averaged 25-26 MPG vs non-hybrid's average of about 18-20 MPG.

I know that we have saved quite a bit on fuel costs, as we live in a large city with plenty of traffic and stop & go driving. The icing on the cake is that it is faster than the non-hybrid version. I certainly appreciated that.

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I bought a 2010 rx400h. For my daughter. Beautiful, quiet, 28 mpg solid. She got broadsided driver side by a Hummer going 40 that ran a red light. She walked away without a scratch. Lexus was totaled, but my daughter was not. Oh, she just got engaged. Life goes on. I just bought a Lexus for myself. 

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