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Rain sensing wipers

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I am wondering how the rain sensing wipers work in cold weather. If the wiper stick in set to Auto and the car is started in cold weather, and the windshield has snow or ice on it, will the wipers automatically start. The manual states “If the temperature of the raindrop sensor is 194°F (90°C) or higher, or 5°F (-15°C) or lower, automatic operation may not occur. In this case, operate the wipers in any mode other than AUTO mode.” My sons Dodge Truck manual indicates that if the windshield is 32 degrees the wipers will not engage. My concern is that if I forget that the wiper mode is in Auto and the car is started, the wipers can be damaged if there is frost or snow on the windshield. Anyone have any info on this?

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Artificial intelligence - looks for rain drops via the windsheild camera.  It knows what the temperature outside is, it may disable the feature based on outside temp by itself.  I’d think the progammer would be smart enough to make sure they do not work automatically somewhere below freezing. But, it is a fact that well below freezing, the defrosters are keeping the glass warm enough to melt snow that hits it.  So gussing that he relies on what he sees hitting the glass to operate the wipers.  Someone in the dealership garage would know.

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