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Cup holders.... After market replacment/substitution


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Well not a very technical topic I know. But I'm sure most of you know those 90 though 02 cup holders don't hold those monster drinks of today. 

My Yete style mug dose not even fit. 

I have done some research on Ls400 and cup holders and not found anything other then how to's on the factory units. 

I'm wondering what other Ls400 folks are using from the aftermarket so you don't have to hold you cup as you drive. Or sort of use a towel or something to wedge it against the empty pasanger seat. And so on. 

I have found the ones that go over the top of the door and into the window area not very good. They get loose and fallout. Or they let larger drinks fall out and so on. 

On the ones that wedged between the seats and the center council... Well if someone is seating in the seat, they are hard to use at best. 

I have not tried the type that fit onto the A/C vents. Have any if you? 

Please post your solution and with pictures if you can. 

Thank you. 

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Wow... You found one I had not seen.... 

Not cheep by any means... But if it works... 

Have you used it? I'm not sure it will fit as when you slide the factory cup holders out and open, there is not much clearance between the arm rest. 

But I'll look into this. Thank you. 

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I haven't used it myself. But the size is adjustable between 2.5"-3.75" so it should be fine. I measured 2.5" on my 96.

These should also fit:

Gadjit Cup Keeper 2-Pack (Black) Car Cup Holder Adapter Expands Cup Holders to Hold Mugs, Convenience Store Cups, Water + Soda Bottles with up to 3.6" diameter, Fits Yeti Rambler 20 oz

Good luck!

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