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SC430 Error Code 3 CD Player


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I have an Error Code 3 - which indicates that the CD player is not working properly.  The CD will not eject nor play.  I can't see the CD to try to pull it out.   Lexus wants $125 to diagnose challenge indicating if it is not a stuck CD that they can easily pull out that a refurbished CD player will cost $900.  I Googled repairing CD myself -- but one has to pull out all sorts of other components to disable the unit.  A nightmare process.


1.  Anyone have similar challenge and how did you resolve?

2.  Has anyone replaced successfully this radio unit with aftermarket radio?  If so, which one do you recommend?


I have the premium radio with Mark Levison sound system 2006.






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Hello -

What I do is, I get a Latex glove. Cut two fingers off. slide the cut parts of the glove over two regular kitchen knives and tape the ends tightly with painters tape. then put one on top of the cd and the other on the bottom. While sticking the knives as far in as they will go put some pressure to clamp the knives on the cd. Turn the car on then pull. If that doesn't work then hit the eject button as well. Work for me every time. Good Luck. 


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Hey thanks for the feedback.  Appreciate it.  I had to read it twice to make sure I understood your message correctly, as at first I couldnt imagine sticking a knife into the CD slot.   But, I get the concept - and will give it a go this weekend.  It beats heading to after market radio shop to buy/install a new one, if this works.  Fingers crossed.

Mahalo from Maui


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