after 2.5 years ... time to shop for another ..

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I've owned a 2016 NX200t for about 2 1/2 years now, so its time to start thinking about my next car. Here are the main reasons that it will not be another NX:
- dirt and snow and gunk buildup on the bottom of the doors -- this is such a stupid design flaw
- stupid user interface for the menu and controls for audio, etc -- now even worse in the new models with the ridiculous touchpad
- cheap sounding "clunk" coming from the gas cap when the doors locks are engaged - this is a 40 thousand dollar car!
- torque steer (eventhough I have the AWD version)
- heated steering wheel is not heated all the way around ... design by someone who never experiences winter! ???
- the small "screen" is plunked onto the center of the dash and looks like a last-minute add-on (not integrated into the dash like some competitors cars) - looks cheap and poorly thought out
- outside mirrors rattle - seem very loosely attached
- cruise control lever - poor design -- this should be integrated into the steering wheel like on many competitor's cars
- the 4-cyl turbo is "gutless"
- this is 2019 - why does the car think I am connecting an "ipod" (its an iPhone)
- constantly hitting the voice command button when turning corners and having to say "cancel" "cancel" .... "cancel"
- small sunroof - and too far back (compared to competitors cars)
- lack of color choices for paint - do we really need more silver / grey / white / black cars ??
- road noise
- dumb little box to jam sunglasses into

I'm sure I can think of more, but these are the main reasons that Lexus has failed with this car.

In fairness there are a few things I really like, but not enough to make me look at another one.
- lighted door sills
- lighted door handles
- lock / unlock from any door
- comfy seats and ride (non-F-Sport model)
- decent fuel economy

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