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Constant searching for gears when in Cruise Control

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Is it really bothering you?  The 8-speed transmission changes gears so that the engine runs in its most fuel efficient rpm range with excellent power on demand.

I usually don’t even notice the shifting of the 8-speed transmission which was  much more noticeable with the previous 6-speed transmission. 

I assume you are driving in areas with at least modest size hills.  If it's shifting when driving on completely flat roads, then there is a defect.

Edit:  Whoops!  The 2017 still had the old 6-speed with the much more noticeable shifting on hills.

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Jus talked with our Lexus Service Manager and he said that Lexus is aware that it is a problem with some 2017 RX 350 and they just got a complaint on a 2019 LS. Lexus is working on a fix for reprograming the transmission but have to get it approved by the Feds who are not working at present so fix will be delayed.

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