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    • By slomarsh
      First off hello to everyone!  Happy new owner here of Claret red certified 2013 RX 350.
      We enjoy the car very much.  Three nagging questions the owner's manual and dealer don't seem to answer satisfactorily.
      1.  We have navigation and parking assist.  The back up camera does not have the usual colored grid lines like our Honda had.  Is this normal?
      2.  I cannot seem to cancel a navigation route which is underway using a voice command.  This can be done using the mouse but that is unsafe while driving!  Is there a voice command to do this?
      3.  Door locks.  If we lock the car, then, open the tailgate, there doesn't seem to be an easy way re-lock everything without digging out the fob or relocking the front door again using the touch pad.  Picky, I know, but wife would like an easier way.
      Thanks in advance for any and all of your responses.
    • By HCofield
      I have a 2013 ES300h and really enjoy the car. I just took it in for the 20,000 mile check up and when I got home noticed the door locking system is not functioning properly. Remote key feature works 90% of the time......touching the outside handle works most of the time....but using either option does not lock or unlock the driver's door. Many times the driver's door will not lock even when you are in the car. Twice now, while I have been driving, the doors have unlocked on their own. Anyone else experiencing this situation?
      Secondly, about six months after getting the car a slight rattle started and sound like it was coming from the left side of the dashboard near the windshield. It has gotten more frequent and louder now and appears to be coming from the roof .... possible the sunroof. The rattle is heard whether the sunroof is open or closed.
      No one can seem to locate the cause.
      Thanks for any feedback.
      H Cofield
    • By Acaboo10
      Door lock