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Horn, tilt, wipers oh my!


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Hi, I'm having some issues with my horn, the wiper controllers and the tilt wheel. 

Let's start with the horn. If I trigger the alarm the horn will sound. But 99.999% of the time if I push on the horn nothing happens. Now if I keep pushing on the horn as I turn the steering wheel lock to lock I will get a beep or two. So I'm assuming my horn issue is in the steering wheel. Anyone know of any how to's on fixing this? The horn is important to have. 

Any posable parts I'm likely to need? 

Also the tilt wheel no longer goes up or down automatically or manually. I bought a new gear. Any good how to's on replacing it? 

Lastly the wiper washer controller. The parts that turn to put wiper blades on or off etc., seem loose. Any info on this would be a great big help. 

Unfortunately the car sat for around a year not running. I got hurt and can't do the stuff I used to do. Also had the bad luck of bad mechanics working on it. 

I found a great mechanic that works out of his home and he will work with me. He is not experanced in Lexus but he is a all-around good guy. So I just have to provide him diagrams and so on. 

This was the last car my father owned so I want to keep it going. 

Now that it is up and running lots of small things to fix on it. 

As always, thank you. 

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I'm not sure buying and swiping out the streeing column is the way to go. Can you tell me what you base doing that on? 

I already bought the gear to fix the tilt issue. Not an expensive part. I'm guessing that adjusting the loose fit on the wiper switch is an easy thing. Maybe even just a set screw? Just need to find someone that knows about it. And as for the horn, it may just be one wire to replace. 

Also craigslist is not like eBay. You don't just look at it. It is devided by states and city's. And most likely I can do better on a guaranteed part like a steering column by buying from a recycler. I find a lot of recyclers offer very good guarantees on their used parts. 

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OK, you ask for advice, and you got mine. so now go and do what you want to do.

I doubt you needed  the gear, just a 5 cent garden hose washer.. 

if you would READ instead of just asking questions, you would know how to fix some of your items 

good luck... 


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