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Switching to Reverse Gear - Clicks 3X while brake pressed


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Hi Guys, Yesterday I was driving on the service road with my 2011 RX 350 Lexus, when I drove over a tree branch on the road. 3 ft tree branch rattled under my car for a couple of seconds. Went to park my car at a shopping center when I noticed that when putting my car into Reverse Gear, from Park or Drive, while my foot was pressed on the brake, it would immediately make a click sound 3X, went into reverse without a problem.  Looks like the 3 clicks are coming somewhere out of the passenger side front door, / fender / wheel ??  I think it doesn't sound mechanical, but electronic . Could anyone please help. Thanks!!

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Hi Jerry....welcome to the Forum

I would take it into a transmission shop or general garage and get them to raise it on a lift to see if there is any damage or debris in the area of the transmission.

Sounds like it could be a possibility of something occurred or a complete coincidence

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