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oil leak after oil change

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I got an oil change Dec 31 at a Jiffy Lube. The next day when I pulled my 2016 ES 350 out of the driveway I noticed a 6 to 8 inch long by inch & a half wide oil leak on my garage floor on the passenger side. I wiped the oil up & hoped that the stain was just from some residual spill from the oil change. The next day after backing the car out of the garage, the same size leak was back so I realized it was more than just some residual oil from the oil change. I took the car back to Jiffy Lube & they removed the engine oil filter cap & then told me that the rubber ring had been pinched. They put a new (the old filter was 3 days old) filter into the canister, removed & replaced the ring & screwed the cap back on. Well I still have an oil leak coming from the area of the engine oil filter. It is not as large as the original leak big still a leak nonetheless. I have added 3 pics that I took of the spills. The one pic shows the size of the stain that I wiped up on the first day along with the leak the next day that I did not wipe up before taking the pic. The other pic is the size of the leak after taking the car back to Jiffy Lube. It is much smaller but still there. The 3rd pic is with a house key & key chain to give some idea on the size of the stains using the house key as perspective. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks




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28 minutes ago, lenore said:

Did they clean the area where is was originally leaking?  Also did they clean the under panels?  Maybe just more residual. 

It is still leaking approximately the same amount today as 6 days ago so I'm thinking it is not residual anymore. 

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21 minutes ago, Lexus Owners Club said:

Have you checked that the plastic casing/cap on the filter housing aren't cracked?

No I haven't. It would be difficult for me to get under the car to look but I would expect that if that was the case Jiffy Lube would/should have said as much when I took it back to them with my complaint. They said it was an o ring that had been damaged. They said they replaced the o ring & I was good to go. Unfortunately it is still leaking. Thanks

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So took the car back to Jiffy Lube today, they now say that the oil pan drain plug gasket was warn/split so they replaced the gasket. I hope that solves the leak. I will let you know. 

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8 hours ago, lenore said:

That is crazy, the gasket is a crush aluminum washer.  Oh well, we will see.

He showed me the plug with the old washer still on & it looked to me to be more of a transparent plastic material.  

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I always apply some PTFE tape (plumbers use it for pipe joints) to the sump plug thread....never had a leak on anything ever since.

This originally came about when I owned a Land Cruiser and the Toyota dealer asked whether I wanted the soft or hard compound seal for the plug. 
I foolishly chose the hard compound and leaked like a sieve. Someone suggested removing it and wrapping a couple of turns with PTFE and it worked a treat...nowadays I use it all the time on the 'belt & braces' principle.

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