Levi Anderson

First Lexus

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I grew up with Toyotas and have always loved them. I currently drive an 07 Tundra, and my wife drives a 12 Sienna. I am looking for a car I can drive to work, and take my wife out on date night. I have wanted an SC430 since they debuted. They are old enough now that I can finally afford one, so here is my question: How many miles are too many?

I've found a 2003, clean title. Service history is available up to about 70K miles, then nothing until about 160k miles. It stops at 167k miles, and is currently for sale at a local used car lot with 201k miles. It drives nicely, and seems to be in good shape. Negotiated price is $6200 out the door. Am I crazy to even consider making the deal, or am I crazy for not having it in my driveway already?


Any feedback is appreciated, and hopefully I will be a true Lexus owner/forum member soon!

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