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Back in the Lexus Family

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After 2 years of having no Lexus in my life, I could not take it anymore. Previously, I owned a 1998 LS400 for roughly a decade, and I always loved it, even with its quirks. About two years ago I was forced to buy something more economical for commuting. I bought a 2016 Hyundai Accent brand new and while it was good on gas and cheap to maintain, it was not a Lexus. So last month, I decided it was time. Time to buy a 2015 IS 350 F Sport in Ultra White! I was having a hard time debating between the Rioja Red interior or the Black, but in the end I figured the black would stay cleaner longer. I found a great example of one locally with 40k on the clock and it had the Mark Levinson to boot! So, I bought it! Also, I wasn't aware of any black badging option from Lexus, so I am not sure how they ended up black, but who ever did it, did a great job. 

I didn't realize just how much I missed the Lexus, the smooth ride, the refinement, and not to mention the power! This new Lexus though was something I had never experienced in a Lexus before, it had a split personality. I just remember my LS400, quiet, refined, strong, but not one for carving up back roads. The first time I put the new Lexus into Sport+ mode, and took the scenic route, I fell in love all over again. I figured I would share here seeing as how I had always found this forum to be a great resource!




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