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2006 GS300 Code P2757

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I own a 2006 GS300 and have 128k miles on the vehicle. Last friday after driving the car for 20 mins its started shifting rough in 1 and 2nd gear. Only at low speeds in stop and go traffic I noticed it. Before I got home the Check VSC light turned on along with the check engine light. I read the code when I got home and it read P2757(Pressure Control Solenoid control circuit performance or stuck off). I reset it and didnt drive it until today. I drove about 20 minutes again and the check engine light turned back on and I started to get the rough shifts at low speeds. It seems like it take the car a while and warm up before it has the issues. One thing it did different this time was when I went to parallel park I switched the car into reverse and it stalled. I put it back in park and restarted it. The car would stall everytime when switching into multiple gears. So putting it into drive from park it was fine, but from drive to reverse it stalled and vs versa. Any ideas where to go next. From researching online people suggesting drain and replace transmission fluid and filter. Then possible solenoid replacements. Please help......thanks

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