2007 GS350 - Engine Oil Level Low message on dash

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Hello Forum

I am pretty frustrated with a recent issue I have discovered in my wife's car of 137,000 miles. After driving the car approximately 1200 miles she was getting a Engine Oil Level Low message on her dash.  Being the preventative guy that I am, I figured it is a good idea to top it.  But after reading some forums I began to worry that the problem could be bigger than expected.  Recently I had an oil change done at the dealership and asked them to do an oil consumption test on the car and miraculously the car made it to 1,647 before the Engine Oil Level Low message came up on the dash.  The dealership tells me that it ONLY lost 1.1 quarts of oil in that time.

Now to my question, can this be a faulty Oil Sensor that is firing erroneous messages to the dash?

*Side note, as soon as I asked for an appraisal for the car, WOW did they jump all over my car and tell me how they loved this model... ughhh 

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Hi Mark

Can I ask what grade of oil you are using?

There is a possibility that the sensor could be defective but a manual check of the oil level would confirm this.

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Its possible the dealer did not put enough oil in the car after the oil change, therefore was on borderline medium or low level, not the full level.   Its entirely possible to burn 1 quart of oil every 2-3k miles. 

The low engine oil sensor will light up when it is about 2.5 quarts low from the full line



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