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Please help! Need new headlight, thinking of changing from xenon to halogen

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Hello all,

New user here but have been peeking through these forums for  a while and in need of some help.  Please be nice if I'm asking some pretty dumb questions here.

On my wifes 2007 IS250, I'm fighting a passenger side headlight.  She said her low beam went out, so I checked it out and got moisture in the housing.  I pulled the bulb, got it completely dried out, and saw a small crack in the top by the center mount.  I thought I sealed up the crack, but after 3 days and replacing the bulb it got moisture again and new bulb went out.  I think I'm going to just replace the whole housing and be done with it, but holy cow they're expensive.  There's a small chip on the very edge of the outside not to the seal but both of those make me just want to replace all together.  I could sell her driver side and get some money back out of it I think.

It's the xenon with the auto adjust deal where when you turn it turns too some.  For the price of a used replacement, I feel like I could replace both of hers maybe with standard.  We're wanting to replace it (well, I do with a newer one haha), so she said she'd be fine with the regular ones if they're cheaper.


My questions are:

Can I buy "regular" housings and replace them both and are they plug and play? 

Would any lights or anything extra have to be removed to go back to halogen?

Dumb question here, but other than the sticker on the low beam bulb door, can you tell from the outside of the housing if it's hid or has the auto adjust, or are the hid and regular the same housings?


Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it!


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