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Rear Lamp Lens Replacement

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Hi All,

I have a broken rear lamp lens on my 2016 GS350.  The outer clear plastic is broken, but the inner plastic and bulbs work correctly, including all back-up lights and brake lights.

My question is can I replace just the outer plastic housing or is it a one piece integrated part where I need to replace the entire rear light?  If it's one unit, does that also include the bulbs and electrics in the unit or is that separate from the plastic outer housing?

Any info and any part numbers that I would need to order would be appreciated.


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It looks like I may need the 81561-30C90 "Lens and Body, Rear Combination Lamp, LH" part for the "GRL10, GRL15 or GWL10" body style series (thinking that my car is GRL10 or 15 series, but not sure).  Can anyone confirm that this is the correct part for a USA spec 2016 GS350 V6 base model?  Other lens and body lamps include parts for "GRL11, ARL10, GRL1#, GWL10 and GRL12" body style series.  These range in costs from $210 to $538.

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