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2018 RX - regular (87) vs premium (93) gasoline?

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Hi all,

The manual says 87 or higher for the fuel type but I have only filled the premium grade (93) so far. But the last time I filled, I filled the regular gasoline. Maybe my imagination, but it feels like the acceleration is a bit slow and rough. Which type of fuels do you use and notice any difference with regular vs premium? Any advice on whether to stick with 87 or go back to the 93?


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I tried a tank of mid-test but noticed no difference. To most people, it’s more important to use a better hi-detergent gas (maybe 10 cents a gallon more) like Shell or Exxon than to waste money on a higher grade of gas.  I keep all my receipts to show the next buyer when I trade, that the vehicle is not going to have injector or performance problems from using cheap grocery store gas, that does not claim to meet the highest standards in gasoline additives.  In my Camry H I did experience ruff idle after using cheap gas for a few years, so stay away from it now.

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