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Vibration issue caused by bad differential?


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2007 ES350, 190K, 12 years old

Experiencing vibration/shaking while accelerating and at highway speeds, but always worse with any pressure on accelerator. Also, when braking I get steering wheel shake and vibration, which I thought was a warped rotor. Thought it was motor mounts so had a master mechanic check it out. He says mounts are fine, it’s my differential that is causing the acceleration vibration and the other is my steering gear (rack?) needs replacing. I’m going to my dealer for a second opinion. Any thoughts on this diagnosis? Also, what would be the long term issues if I choose to ignore both, particularly the steering issue? I am retired on SS so spending big money (estimate to remove & replace steering gear was $2750; god knows what a differential would cost!) is something I need to avoid. I love this car but cannot afford a new ES now that I’m retired. Any and all thoughts/comments are appreciated.

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Had the same problem. After reading posts i had both CV axles replaced. 200 for parts and 200 for labor. after seeing how to videos i realized if i have to cut the axle out it would take me for ever. So for you do it yourselfers be warned the the axles get seized and have to be cut out to be removed. Car drives perfect. 138000 miles.

it seemed to be the passenger side CV.

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So Diceman49, you had major vibration and after replacing the CV axles it was gone? What made you decide on replacing the CV axels? Sounds a lot less $$$ than replacing the differential! Thanks for the advice.

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