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Oh no, not another alternator ...


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92 LS400.  ~180k on it, but can't say for sure as Odometer quit at 157k (ah, just another known issue, eh?).  Have replaced alternator 2 times before, both due to power steering leaks, but the failures were different than this time.  Previously, they just quit and all idiot lights on dash came on.  This time idiot lights come only below 1000 rpm.  volt meter on battery shows it is not charging below 1000 rpm. 

There isn't any belt noise,  but I have.....Changed belt out belt with spare I took off just because of old age at the 100k service,, removed. cleaned and replace both battery terminals, Applied belt dressing, applied tremendous pressure with engine running on tensioning pulley (quite a dangerous trick I don't suggest if you don't know what you are doing). 

Although I have never seen an alternator fail in this manner, My conclusion is bad alternator again, this time NOT associated with leaking power steering. 

Any other thoughts before I pull it ?


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Not a clue.  It definitely was not a leaking PS pump this time though.  Autozone did not even want to test it.  They said just take it out and bring it in for an even exchange (lifetime warranty - highly recommended).

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Could have been a ground fualt. If it was then you may kill this new unit until you find out why it ground faulted. 

But no way to tell without opening up the failed unit. 

Some AutoZone stuff is not the best. But that is not why they did not check it. 

They did not check it becouse they did not care. It was bad. They were not looking to sell you one. So they just gave you a replacement and tossed the old one on the bad pile. 

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