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dead navigation climate control reae view monitor

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I recently purchased a 2006 RH 400H with stock navigation and antiquated bluetooth. Everything worked just fine until I installed an aftermarket bluetooth device to stream music from iphone and have a reliable phone connection. The install was a simple plug in - in lieu of the smaller plug located on the back of the factory CD changer. I'm pleased to say the new bluetooth works fine but I immediately killed the navigation, the rear backup monitor, and the Climate Control system. I then de-installed the new bluetooth, and reinstalled the CD changer but all of the problems persisted. I rechecked all of the plugs and connections in the work area and all seemed secure. Seeing that was not the problem I reinstalled the bluetooth and proceeded to test all of the fuses in the 4 fuse boxes and all were okay. However, in that phase of fuse testing I proceeded to kill the reception to both key remotes. Both have good batteries and blink but now will not control the locks nor the rear gate. At that point I disconnected the 12V battery for 5 minutes, but that had no effect other than I had to reset the power windows, moon roof and rear gate. I have ordered an icarsoft i905 to see if that will reveal the point of failure but would like to appeal to this community for any recommendations or observations. Thanks



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Gonna reply to my own topic because it's mostly fixed. Can't say I fixed it as it seems to have fixed itself when I unplugged the new bluetooth again and put the original plug back into the radio/CD changer after spraying it with electrical connection cleaner. I've written to the bluetooth device vendor to see if there is a way to have both the bluetooth and the other systems functional. I'm amazed that all these problems were connected to the audio system. Now, still no response to the remotes with code B1242 Wireless Door Lock Tuner Circuit.


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