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2009 ls460

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Hello  I have a 2009 ls460 with about 140k miles  need some help trying to diagnose a problem 

I notice when I drive my vehicle I noticed a vibration /noise but when I take my feet off the gas it goes away  this will happen around  30-40 miles per and sometimes . at different  speeds /miles per hour . But again as soon as I take my feet off the gas it goes away / stop 
It does not happen on the highway at high speeds.  Took it to the dealership and of course they told me I need a new transmission . ( I have new tires on the vehicle ) it did it before the new tires and afterwards so this rules out the tires The vehicle has never has been in an accident or wrecked  other than that the vehicle runs & drives great I am just trying to get a second opinion or see if someone else had this problem / issue and what was done. 
I appreciate all feedback
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