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2008 GS350 Stereo Cutting Out

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Wondering if anyone else with a GS350 (2008) has experienced issues with the stereo sound cutting out?  Happens on all sources and does not seem predictable or correlated to anything.  Happens at any point and nothing else seems wrong with the rest of the system functioning fine.  I have the nav system without ML, which I believe is a Pioneer amp in the trunk.   Volume meter/gauge on display functions fine and is reaponding perfectly to knob and/or steering controls...it’s just the sound that drops out.  Odd part is that it’s a very elegant cut and as though I’ve turned it down with no static or other noise.  Can come and go as though volume is being adjusted up and down but nothing on the screen (volume meter change).  Spoke to local shop and they said it could be logic bus/head unit artificially lowering volume or the amp itself...but I’m leaning towards amp given that it’s only sound.  I have tried reseating the cable/wiring harness connections to the amp but hasn’t made a difference.  Amp on EBay is ~$200 but want to try and be sure that’s the issue before spending the money on something I can’t really return.  Thankfully being separate in the trunk...it could be an easy swap...

Thoughts?  Thanks in advance...


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