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Wondering if anyone else with a GS350 (2008) has experienced issues with the stereo sound cutting out?  Happens on all sources and does not seem predictable or correlated to anything.  Happens at any point and nothing else seems wrong with the rest of the system functioning fine.  I have the nav system without ML, which I believe is a Pioneer amp in the trunk.   Volume meter/gauge on display functions fine and is reaponding perfectly to knob and/or steering’s just the sound that drops out.  Odd part is that it’s a very elegant cut and as though I’ve turned it down with no static or other noise.  Can come and go as though volume is being adjusted up and down but nothing on the screen (volume meter change).  Spoke to local shop and they said it could be logic bus/head unit artificially lowering volume or the amp itself...but I’m leaning towards amp given that it’s only sound.  I have tried reseating the cable/wiring harness connections to the amp but hasn’t made a difference.  Amp on EBay is ~$200 but want to try and be sure that’s the issue before spending the money on something I can’t really return.  Thankfully being separate in the could be an easy swap...

Thoughts?  Thanks in advance...


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    • By Raghu11
      I bought a used 2008 400h recently. It has Mark Levinson audio. I replaced the factory stereo with Sony XAV100 head unit with CarPlay. Everything was working fine.

      Last week the battery died. I jump started couple of times and then replaced the battery. The problem is that there is no volume. Tried radio, bluetooth, CarPlay, usb etc. 
      The strange thing is, if I disconnect the battery and then connect it, it works fine until next time. But when I stop the car and start again next time, there is no volume.

      What could be wrong?

      I followed excellent advice in post by @Mamoon here : 
      I have checked the fuses and they are ok.
      The fact that it works every time after reconnecting battery might indicate connections are ok.
    • By zcoco300h
      Just bought a sweet used 2013 ES 300h which I love however the stock stereo is underwhelming. Coming from an '09 Camry Hybrid with a JBL package (which was pretty good, great bass).
      This is the nicest car I have owned so far and I would like to avoid putting an actual sub and amp in the truck and dicking around with wiring etc. I would like to get alittle more bass out of the system though and hope that this can be done by upgrading the rear deck woofers.
      Any ideas/ past experiences etc...?
      Thank you!  
    • By petercobian
      This is my custom sub box. It houses 2 JL 10Wv3s with a JL Slash 5001/1 Amp. 
      Very clear clean sound. Not the boomy crapy sound the kids are used to.

    • By galtom
      Hi All,
      I got (in Europe) US 2003 1st gen Rx300.
      About a year ago i have managed to change stereo from us (no navi) to UK version (with navi) and all was fine (bit os soldering was needed as plugs on both radios are different.
      However now my radio sometimes has no sound for few hours/days and after that plays fine for few hours/days.
      When I loose audio, under sound control I am missing  MID range control and although i can see Bass/Treble + Left/Right & Front/Back controls they don't work - no level visible.
      From what I understand it is an amplifier issue. I already got a new -second hand - one, but from UK market.
      Now, I can not find info what is the difference between:
      86100-48050 - US version and 86100-48040 UK version
      Also, (before I get to my amplifier) would any of you have pictures of sockets/plugs in US amplifier? 
      I could make sure my plugs will fit into UK amplifier before I unscrew everything.
      I attached pictures of UK amplifier

    • By Btrini
      6 months ago I purchased a Certified Pre Owned LX 570 and have been loving it so far.  However, yesterday the sound suddenly cut off while I was driving.  Did some reading and found that these Mark Levinson amplifiers have been acting up since 2001 vehicles.  I took the vehicle to the dealer and confirmed that the issue was the amplifier and enquired as to why haven't Lexus done anything about this issue which seems to be over 16 years old.  I spoke to someone and they suggested there may be ground for a class action lawsuit based on the number of vehicles that have had this issue.  I am curious as to how many have had this problem to see if there is indeed a systematic issue or if they are isolated incidents.
      Look forward to hearing back.
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