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Long time no post !!!


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On 8/28/2018 at 6:19 AM, lenore said:

Yup still here, but crazy busy remodeling my house.....

same here....don't know if you have found the same....but seems like your work is never done, especially when SWMBO changes her mind on everything you've just spend hours changing to then change it again 😞

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OH yea, been dealing with that for 37 years.  I have completely gutted this house since Oct 2017.  (We downsized and went one story) so remodeling this older home is a must. At same time still maintaining the Lexus RX400h, Ford F150, and new to stable a Toyota Solara convertible.

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17 hours ago, pj8708 said:

Thanks Lenore!!

I hope Santa is good to you and yours. Will you see a new Lexus in your garage?

Merry Christmas to all!


Probably not soon, I am trying to stretch my dollars and make the RX400h go over 300k miles....time will tell.

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dcfish?  Whoa!  That's a blast from the past.  There have been people looking for you asking about navigation and audio systems.

I still drop by this forum once a month or so and sometimes try to help.

There's not much in the current Lexus lineup of interest to us.  Somebody in Nebraska is driving the 2000 LS400 I sold in 2014 ... wish he would change the name/address associated with the car so Lexus wouldn't contact me about it.

My daily driver is still the "Lexus of Minivans" - suits us perfectly for our lifestyle these days.

Nice to hear from you!


2014 Sienna Limited side view.jpg

2014 Sienna Limited with Hella headlight washer system.jpg

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