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1997 LS400 Repair Manual Wanted

Paul Cook

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I'm looking for the 1997 LS400 Repair manual. I realize that they are probably similar across model years but since I don't know the differences between them, so I am looking for the 97 manual pecifically. I have the "Electrical Wiring Manual" but can't spend $400.00 for a danged repair manual. Anyone have one they want to unload? Thanks.


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I don't know how cost effective this is these days, but 4 or 5 years ago I purchased a 2-day subscription to Toyota Information Services.  I don't know if this is the same site or not: https://techinfo.snapon.com/TIS/Register.aspx

For two days (more than enough time) I downloaded the FSM's for my '98 LS400.  I also downloaded any other publications that looked interesting.

I did find a set of new FSM's on ebay for around $200, IIRC.  But for the price of a subscription, it beats greasing up your hardbound manuals when you're under the hood or chassis.

After downloading the manual sections, I took a few more days at the computer to organize the pages/sections.  I've attached a sample.

EM-15 Timing Belt - Removal.pdf

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+1 on doing the 2-day sub for TIS. 

I did the same thing for my '94 LS and have the downloaded PDFs organized by section, which I keep a copy of on an SD card on my tablet, as well as on my shop computer and a flash drive.  Very handy.

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