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POWER STEERING AIR CONTROL VALVE 1990-2006 LS400 P/N 17630-16040

Paul Cook

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While doing an inspection of my 97 LS400, I found one of two hoses to the "Power Steering Air Control Valve" (located below the power steering pump, passenger side) disconnected. The other hose was still connected but neither hose had a clamp so they could have been correctly or incorrectly installed in the past. Investigating the air control valve component, I determined that there should be a connection on one of the two valve nipples to the Air Intake Hose just after the MAF, and one that goes to the upper Intake Manifold. From the pictures I can find of the valves operation, and research I have done, it shows air flows through the valve to affect the engine RPM while turning the wheels to their maximum. (I don't believe it because the vacuum created by these two air supply points on valve would only open to allow more power steering fluid to flow through. More differential pressure (higher RPM's), the more the valve opens. But hey, what do I know.) What I cannot determine is which nipple is the one that connects to the air intake hose and the one that goes to the intake. One nipple has a tab. One does not. Does anyone know if the tab is the inlet side? Thanks.

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