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Front Speaker Problem


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Hello all! My 2007 ES350 equipped with the standard, non- ML System, has had a fault where there has been no sound coming from both the front, driver and passenger door speaker. There is also no sound coming from the driver and passenger side of the dashboard as well, sound only comes from the center speaker on the dashboard. Due to this, I also lose navigation voice guidance and bluetooth function( no sound from calling) as I believe these functions are embedded in the driver door speaker. Can still hear music regularly as rear speakers, center dash speaker  and sub is working beautifully. This problem has me dumbfounded, could it possibly be the speaker themselves...possibly a fuse or wiring? Any advice? Many thanks in advance!

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Two possible problems come to mind.

The head unit amplifier for those speaker channels has quit working, or ... the connector on the back of the head unit has come loose and is not making contact.

If you are a DIYer with car tear down and audio experience, pull the head unit and disconnect the wiring harnesses to it (disconnect the battery first, after copying down the frequencies of all your radio presets). It might be just that simple to correct.

If that doesn't correct the issue, check with a Lexus dealership to see if they have an exchange program for the head unit. Years ago (1986 I believe) I had a radio issue with my wife's Toyota Cressida. Toyota had and exchange program where you gave them the old radio to refurbish and they gave you a refurbished unit to replace it with for like $350 or so (long time ago and the details are fuzzy). Maybe Lexus has something similar? Worth checking. Good Luck!

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