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Run Flats/replacement Tires

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I've read some of the older posts on the run flats and at about 17K am replacing mine; after some research, KUMHO has some new tires on the market for the car, the Ecsta ASX, for about $156 a tire, and rated at about a 420 for wear; they are very competitive and wanted to know if anyone has experience with them. They are highly recommended for their innovative tires in racing, etc. and are entering this market.


P.S. Compared to the Michelin's with about a 440 wear rating at over $250 a piece, it sounds really attractive.

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Most of the things I've read about runflats say they ride harsh and loud and should be replaced with regular high performance tires. Whatever type you want to buy, will always have good advice and prices for the kind of driving you do. Check their website or call for advice. They have not given me any bad advice in 20 years. You can't always go by price or wear ratings.....

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I can sell you a set of runflats cheap

but what ever you do ,DO NOT BUY KUHMO they are garbage in the worst way. No racer uses Kuhmo unless they are to lose or the pace car.

Michelin makes you pay for the name not the tire but they are quality but not amazing.

Toyo is very good as is dunlop

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Im partially with SK here. I've owned Kumho's, and they were junk in the ways of performance. Although I don't totally agree with his Michelin comment. Yes, they are expensive, but they do make excellent street tires. Although I can't recommend Toyo. If you need something cheaper, I would suggest going with a Yokohama, or Bridgestone. Dunlop does have a few nice tires. That would be an excellent choice also, if price is a factor.

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