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Hey everyone just wanted to say hello. i'm 21 years of age and i recently purchased a pearl white Sc300. i couldn't be happier, definitely a step up from the silver EK hatchback i used to have before. Anyways i had a couple of questions for some experts.

Is it okay to drive with the overdrive on or off?

Anyone know any good sites where i could buy OEM parts for good deals?

anyone recommend buying Tein HA's or Tein springs w/ bilsten shocks?

Thanks in advance guys!


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Yes. Overdrive schmoverdrive. Turn it on to save fuel at highway speeds, leave it on, leave it off. It doesn't matter.

For OEM parts - I like e-bay. There is Carson Toyota, contact Steve Ganz. Also, I have had decent luck with Sewell Lexus. But there is always a little mark up. Some sites: Toyota parts - see supra ( I just bought a used starter, alternator, power steering pump and high pressure lines and underdrive pulleys for 175$ from an internet contact. :whistles:

here's another one for ya

Google can yeild tons of results for this stuff. I have some stuff and sometimes I'm willing to share. ;)

Tein's are good - heard they can be a little too rough for a daily driver - good combinations: eibach with kyb agx

Parts designated for sc300, mkiv na, or mkiv tt (different height and perfomance specs.) series application. If you switch to mkiv set-up you must replace the entire strut assembly. I'm waiting for a JIC FLTA2 set-up. Complete adjustable coilover suspension regarded as the best for our application. Approximately $1500 after discount, but well worth it from what I understand. But others have used tein and felt just fine with them. Can't go wrong either way IMO.

Get a torque converter from Precision Industries for that slushbox. A tranny cooler is recommended with this. I hear it is the best first thing for those granny shifting Lexus autos.

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