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Rear seat removal


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I installed a small camera in rear of car and ran the power wires thru the trunk lid. Now I need to remove the rear seat in order to get the wires into the car and into the center console sig. lighter. HELP I,m stuck!. How do I remove the rear seat and the seatback as well?

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Slip your fingers under the lower front edge of the seat cushion and pull up - hard!  Mine required a goodly amount of force the first time I removed it - easier after that.  Simply lift the seat cushion out and slide it out of the car through a door.

There are a number of bolts holding the rear seat back in place.  If I remember correctly - it's been about 15 years since I did it on a 2000 LS400 - there are one or two bolts hidden behind leather panels held in place by Velcro behind the center armrest and/or maybe behind the head restraints. 

The fuel tank is between the rear seat back and the trunk so don't go doing any drilling?  There are small holes covered with vinyl tape on the upper outboard sides of the interior metal body work - near where the upper outer corners of the seat back contact the metal structure.  The holes are big enough to pass some fairly big electrical wires through.  It's easier to run wires forward to the front on the driver side since it can be difficult to get them behind the glove box and CD changer - I know that from experience.

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