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How to upgrade car radio?

David Lee20

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David Lee20,

You write that you have an ES350, but there is an LX470 listed under your signature. Which is it?

From your question I assume that working on cars has not been in your past history. In other words you are a newbie to car mechanics, removing door panels, doing brake jobs, etc.

My advice in this case is to leave it to the professionals. Otherwise you stand the chance of breaking the locking tabs on trim pieces or scratching them. Then there is the issue of getting the correct wiring harness adapter to match the car and the new head unit. What about the new radio having the navigation ability (if your old unit did) and hooking up the GPS antenna. Will the new unit pair with the telephone module for the bluetooth, and on and on? Do you have the tools for removing the head unit from its mounting bracket?

Thirty years ago swapping out a radio was a piece of cake that anyone could do. Today ... not so much. If you don't have previous experience ... leave it to the professionals.

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