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Replacing the Nav disc drive

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I'm new to the forum but have a 2004 Rx 330 that I have been driving for about 11 years. Recently, My nav screen gave me the dreaded "Unable to Read Disc" message. After searching numerous on -line forums, I was able to determine that the disc drive has probably had it. Many folks were saying they were getting dealer quotes of $1500 for a new unit and others were saying the dealers really were not able to successfully troubleshoot the problem. There are several "how-to" videos of where the drive unit is located and how to remove it which is what I did. I found the Toyota part number on the unit and "googled" it. Up popped a used unit for sale on Ebay. I checked that the part numbers matched and "Paypaled" the seller $220.....the unit came out of a wrecked LS 430 but it is the same unit that was in my Rx 330......it took 20 minutes to drop the replacement unit in and woo hoo...everything works.......just wanted to share for those interested in saving some money.....By the way, about 4 months ago, I did the same thing with the radio which had died. There really is no need to spend big bucks with dealers when so many parts are cheap and available!

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