Anyone convert non navigation to navigation?

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I have '07 GS350 thinking of adding navigation has anyone done this? Try to do OEM. I'm new on this forum and sorry I know this question as probably been asked several times.

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Back in the 2000's there were one or two members that supplied navigation system components from salvaged vehicles for retrofitting navigation into vehicles that didn't come with nav.  It's been a long time since I've seen them active on this forum.

Your GS is 11 years old.  Is it cost effective to retrofit OEM navigation into a car that old?  If you need nav, maybe you could use a phone based nav app or a portable GPS such as one from Garmin.  An OEM nav system from 2007 would likely be considered obsolete.  If you have to have in-dash nav, maybe consider an aftermarket nav product. 

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