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Help!!! Is this a fuel pump I'm dealing with?

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Been having issues with my 2JZGE motor. Started yesterday. In the last 2 months I've replaced timing belt, water pump, intake manifold gasket. Spark plugs. 3 of the 6 plug wires are currently brand new (lol.. starres the job at work thinking it was going to be easier than I thought then realized I didn't have all the tools or time to finish, will finish today) new distributor, new O2 sensors. Actually went junk yard shipping yesterday looking for some interior parts, seats etc... She was running great all morning. Let it run trying to diagnose a tiny vacuum leak I can hear near the Y plenum. Drove home ran grear.. took ito later to meet with realtor to look at some houses. Got to first house car still in good shape. Took it for second house and my girl was driving. She got down on it to pull out onto highway access road, but not hard she isn't a "romper" by any means.. the car started bucking and sputteribs it might have even backfired a couple times. Not certain it all happened it if the blue and my main concern was getting her to get it out of oncoming traffic. Pull over to shoulder and it perks up. So we continue to the second house. (They had me really confused because it isn't done that since I fixed the distributor two weeks ago.)

Leave second house to look at third house. Starts fine. Get out on access road again and ask is well until the first stop light and it stalls and dies. Turn key and it didn't want to fire up, eventually did after maybe 5 tries but only ten for 5 seconds or so and dies again) try a few more times and It tries to  catvh but never starteded all the way. (Seems like a fuel issue at the moment) plenty of gas though, at least half a tank... Get it to side of road. Walk down the hill to the Wendy's (after repeatedly trying to start it to no avail) didn't want to run battery down in case it might start in a little while. (Just had a sneaking suspicion).. 30 minutes later my friend arrived and I just hand him the keys "go try it and tell me what YOU think" I see him get in.. back it up and pull up to the light.. pull it around to the Wendy's parking lot and leaves it running. So I have him follow me home. Once on the way it pulled away from a light and kinda felt like it was trying to stall again but never died. Got home let it run for half an hour never mussed a beat.. running great again. Later I tried to jump off my Maxima with the GS300 and it was 100 drgresd and dark and i saw my girl fanning herself so I told her to turn on the gs's ac. Shortly after that when I would put a load on the battery by trying to start the other car and it stsrted acting up again. Stalling and dying. 

Please I'm going to breakfast and to deposit a check and then I'm going to just invest in a fuel pump. Please please if you think you know the answer please respond. Thanks..

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