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I just bought a pre-owned Molten Pearl RC F and I think I'm in love!   Awesome car!   Anyway this car and the 2014 IS350 F Sport both have adjustable driving modes.  Each time I start the car it goes back to "normal" driving mode. Is there a way to make it default to "Sport" mode so I don't have to change it every time? 

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Hi Michelle and welcome.

My 2016 -ES 350 had a dial on the shift handle panel. You would turn it to Normal, Sport, or Economy.

What ever the dial was set for when you shut the the car off, is the setting you would see when you start the car the next time. I haven't had much experience with the RCF so I don't feel comfortable with saying what is or isn't factual. My suggestion is to look through your owners manual and/or just give a dealer a call for an accurate answer.


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