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My GS300 2006 model was  built in 2005. I replaced the first original TPMS sensor in February 2017. So it lasted good 12 years! Made by Pacific in Japan. I purchased the replacement (2 pieces) from ShopTPMS of Yorba Linda, CA in May 2016. They advertise OEM Pacific sensors. The replacement looks the same as the original. First was installed in February 2017 into winter set of tires. In April 2017 the winter set was placed into storage. April 2018 I found the new sensor dead or now signal. Also the spare one has no signal and it was never used. Anybody has similar experience or explanation? 

March 2018 I purchased 2 more new OEM sensors from the same source. One was installed into summer set of wheels. 4 days later it is dead or now signal. Is it possible that this company sold me some counterfeit sensors or there is some other explanation?  



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