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I joined this forum to find out some information on my dead speedometer for the 1993 SC300.  There are lots of appends about the speed sensor (VSS) and appends about the leaky capacitors in the ECU.  My speedometer first started acting erratically, reporting 90 MPH  as I idled down my driveway, often swinging wildly.  It seemed to calm down after driving it for a while.  It then went into a mode where it would register about 20 MPH when I was going 60 MPH.  It finally quit working at all.  All of the other gauges worked fine including the tach and the odometer.  I tried a new VSS but that did not fix it.  There are lots of appends about the caps in the ECU but the VSS signal goes directly to the instrument panel.  It eventually goes to the ECU for other purposes and if the ECU is bad it will probably cause a check engine light.  I did not have a check engine light on.  I saw another append about the speedometer needle sticking so I decided to take mine apart.  I did not have the sticky needle but I found more leaky capacitors on the circuit board attached to the speedometer 'motor' (or whatever you call that thing).  See the attached photo.  The two on the left were bad.  You can see by the discoloration on the edge of the board that they had spilled their guts.  The little one is a 6.8uF 25V and the one next to it is a 22uF 25V.  The third one on the right and back was not bad and I didn't mess with it (because I did not have a replacement).  I replaced these two capacitors, put it back together, and my speedometer came back to life.  Perhaps someone has already posted about these particular caps but I did a lot of searching and did not find any reference to them.  I hope this helps someone. 

Lexus speedometer caps.jpg

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    • By jaredmac11
      1997 Es300.
      Several months back, my odometer, speedometer, and cruise control stopped working.  It was just a flash at first, maybe once a week.  Then it seemed to go out for a month then came back, then it went away for good.
      I replaced both vehicle speed sensors.  Both taken from a Lexus ES300 transmission from a salvage yard.  I also plugged in 2 instrument clusters from that yard.  Neither of these seemed to fix the issue.  I have read from ONE source that the ABS wheel speed sensor could lead to this issue.  I was working on the brakes on the driver front side a bit before this started to happen, so maybe the issue is tied together here.  The part is coming in at the end of the month.
      Has anyone ran in to this issue?  What resolved it?  Google hasnt been all too helpful.  The issue seems to be sporadic from the 2-wire VSS, the 3-wire VSS (goes deep in to the transmission), or bad instrument cluster wiring
      Edit:  Only hesitation regarding the Wheel Speed sensor is that I only have the CEL, blanked odometer, non functioning Cruise control and a non-functioning speedometer.  I do NOT have any other lights, ABS or otherwise.
    • By Moe47
      Hi guys,
      My '00 LS400's odo baclight burned out recently. I have heard a lot of people having problems with climate control display and fixing it, but couln't find anything on the odo/mileage counter display. I can see it's working fine, just the backlight won't turn on. Could really use your help here!
    • By Hmccraken
      I was given a Rx300 the only issue was the abs sensor light was on but the brakes were fine and everything else worked so I kinda just forgot of it but last winter it snowed like a foot one day than I noticed my check engine light was on and he speedometer and odometer were not working but the tac, temperature and fuel gauge all worked the speedometer never worked than when I got a coil on my engine replaced the speedometer just started again don't know how or why.  Same thing happened to me a day ago and o don't want to wait until it just decides to work if it ever will I don't really know the issue could someone help I like to know my speedo and cruise control won't work either 
    • By GSinTrouble
      Like a fool, I closed my keys in the trunk while on vacation. After calling a locksmith, he unlocked the car and set the alarm off, causing the doors to lock and disable the trunk switch. He removed the lower dash panels containing the switch, and jumped power to the White and black wire on the switch. He fried the wire, left, and now here I am. I used a Lexus emergency key to open the trunk and retrieve the keys. Upon placing the key in the ignition, everything was functioning but the cluster. I can see my gear selection indicator and my idiot lights, but no tach, speedo, water temp, or fuel gauge. I have checked the MPX B fuse, SRS B, Panel, and Gauge fuses, each of which appeared to be fine. I have since disconnected the battery (twenty minutes prior to the publication of this post). Please help me identify the problem, I am very concerned. Thank you.
    • By Aggievet03
      I just picked up a 1990 LS 400 in pretty good shape, but the speedometer is dead. The needle is buried way below zero and never moves. The primary mechanical odometer also does not move. Oddly, however, the two digital trip odometers work just fine and cruise control works perfectly.
      Is this likely an instrument cluster issue or a speed sensor? something else?
      What's the simplest way to diagnose this?
      Thanks in advance for any insight.
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