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Which prompts a couple of questions...  Thru Telematics running 24/7 sucking juice from my battery, Lexus knows (or has access to) where the car’s at, how fast or slow its going, how many left hand turns, what kind of braking, what time of day for commutes, etc. etc. etc., they are in a position to score my driving habits like no other insurance carrier w/o it.  I don’t drink, or drink and drive, and have no accidents on my record, but for those that do, how would that factor into the rates?  I’m wrapping up 6 weeks of testing the RX 350 so I have been leaving Lane Assist feature ON to see just how good it is.  The car will drive itself quite a long ways using drive by camera, but in doing so, it issues a lot of warning.

But Lexus owns that data, based on the hairy privacy agreement signed just to get my hands on the SUV.  Can they look at my lane assist testing and judge it to be drunk driving?  Iv’e used Telematics before to get an insurance rating and know how complex it actually is.

Humor: I Woke up one morning, got on the computer, and asked the Telematic site where my XLE hybrid was at. It said the car was just south of Lick Skillet Alabama. Freaked me out.  What’s in the hell is my car doing near Lick Skillet Al. Turns out the Toyota dealer neglected to inform me that the warrantee work they were doing overnight was being done 75 miles away in some bargain basement work/sweat shop.  I warned him that they better drive it very carefully because I have access to all their driving habits.  I was able to track the cars movement on its way back to the dealership and was able to get there when it arrived.

So, I’ll bet the data collection algorithms for this stuff are one carefully guarded industry secret.  I don’t see the more specifics jumping out at me on the browser. If this makes some people paranoid, and therefore drive safer, well, no paint off the side of my RX.

If you guys ever watch all them crazy dash cam accidents on the TUBE, and I know you do, you know that half the accident involve totally innocent driver in the wrong place at exactly the wrong time.

I’d almost expect Lexus connect to come over the speaker and say: That’s OK Les, if you are still alive, we have already analyzed all your data and we can see it was definitely not your fault, ha, ha.


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