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Subject: Depreciation 

Hi all. We are very close to purchasing a LC Inspiration edition. As an owner of a ‘07 SC, we were highly disappointed with its fast depreciation. The inspiration edition is selling at MSRP (understandably so due to only 100 made). Any guesses as to how well this beautiful car will hold its value. I tried to do some comparisons with the Pebble Beach SC with no luck.

Your replies are are greatly appreciated. We are struggling between a Nouvelle Blue NSX at $50k more than the LC, but $30k off the MSRP of the NSX. THANK YOU.




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Hi Rick

Both are beautiful cars...I am hoping my LC holds it's value...I only drive it in summer with no chance of rain 🙂 so it's going to have a relatively low mileage. I do have to say I love my LC, both the way it drives/performs as well as the looks I get while driving it. Since they are new to the market, only time will tell. I know my RX's held/hold their value really well.

When I was looking around, I was also considering an Aston Martin Vantage (I had owned one previously and it is a beautiful car!) as well as a Corvette.  In the end it came down to my familiarity with Lexus....I have owned a few RX's in the past and for quality of service, Lexus (IMHO) is second to none. I'm sure you've compared Lexus vs Acura service programs.

I am a little surprised that Acura is willing to knock off $30K (20%) off the MSRP...this is not common for "supercars" of any brand (as far as I know) me it would signal (red flag) an issue with either the car or the dealership.  

Looking at the Inspiration edition, it looks from the website that it only comes in the blue LC up top an actual Inspiration edition or a "regular" LC?

If you choose a "regular" LC, I would highly recommend the performance the very least get the 21" wheels.

It's fun to do the shopping eh? Naturally I'm biased toward the LC. Good luck with your decision.

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