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I just purchased rx300 and it came with only a valet key. How can I get a master key made. Also on test drive all controls work fine(heat/ac), but on the way home from carlot  the controls 

do not work. Any suggestions or similar problems, could really use some help. thanks


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Call a locksmith that can cut the master from your Vin#.  They can also program the electronics.  I know here locally I had to do that on my Toyota Solara, cost me about $150

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Note the dealer will be way more expensive.

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    • By dancinmeg21
      This car has been nothing but problems....I have a 1992 SC300...long story short, someone tried to steal this car and sell it for parts, and they messed up the security system because they decided to start cutting random wires. So somtimes whenever I lock this car, unlock it to get in, the alarm goes off and I can't start the car for a few minutes (I turn the key in ignition to start, and nothing happen, no clicks or anything). I go around back and forth to passenger door and driver side door and lock and unlock and eventually I can start the car.
      Two days ago, I unlocked it from the passenger side and the alarm went off. Tried everything, looked on here for people with similar problems...nothing is working! Even unhooked the battery for 10 minutes!
      The only thing I am doing that is different than the times I have been able to get it to work is that I do not have the master key, just a copy of it. Does the master key have a chip or battery in it? My master key had no remote or anything special to it, just a normal key. Unfortunately, its lost. 
      So my theory is, that I need the master key for this right? Any other suggestions? 
    • By raymsixsix
      Good morning! I have a '97 SC300 and when I bought the car, it came only with the valet key and remote. I tried ordering a master key from Sewell Lexus using the VIN. They cut and shipped the key, yet it did not work. The new key wasn't even remotely similar to my valet key. I called Sewell and they said that it sounded like the locks had been changed on my car, yet I didn't receive a key code with the books of the car. I called Lexus of Tampa Bay and was told that Lexus doesn't make the key for my car any more and it has a transponder embedded in it. He went on to tell me that my car uses a master key with the three buttons on it. I find that hard to believe, as what I'm using now is a key with a separate Lexus remote. My question, gang, is how do I get a Master key cut for my car, given the locks don't match the VIN?
    • By adamah1983
      I need some help!!
      hello, I recently purchased a wrecked 2001 gs430. The ECU was damaged and needs to be replaced. I really need some advice on what to do
      Will my master key sync with the replacement ecu?
      ECU is Used but is exact model # as the old 89666-30111
      Am i better off ordering through the dealer and getting a new master key?
      Thanks for any help you can give