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Terrible mileage RX 350 2017


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I am getting about 13 mpg on eco mode in the city.  Per the sticker, it should be getting around 22 city.  

I have taken it in several times and am told there's nothing wrong with it.  The tech resets the mileage button, drives it for a bit and it reads higher.  When I brought it home from my last appointment, it read 16 or 17  mpg when I pulled into my garage.  When I started it the next morning, it said 13 mpg and has stayed there, or a little lower.  It's driving me crazy!  I've been keeping a picture log in my phone but that doesn't help.

This is my 5th RX.  I've never had this issue before.  While I know there are variables in traffic conditions and driving styles, nothing's changed in my situation to cause such a large gap between sticker and actual.

Is anyone else having problems with low mileage on theirs?  

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Fill up the tank. Reset the [after fuel MPG]. Reset the trip A or B.

Next time you get gas, does the Indicated MPG match what you calculate by using Trip divided by gallons put in the tank?

If they match, that sez you have a real problem and not just a computer glitch.

IF so, watch your tach rpm when you are going 65 MPH?  IF the engine has warmed up and the tack is much higher than 2000, you may be in a lower gear than you should and that should only happen when you are using the paddle to force a lower gear, which I’m sure you don’t. Almost seems like your are not reaching 7th or 8th gear.

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Actual Results taken today:

66 MPH indicating 27 MPG while on adaptive radar cruise = constant speed.

Engine: 8th gear 1,800 RPM

20” tires. 10 MPH headwind.


These are roughfly the conditions you should be reading in an 18 RX-350 that is on auto-pilot.

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For reference:  The day I traded in my 2yr old 2020 RX 350, I registered 31 MPG on the 120 mile trip to the Lexus Dealership.  Interstate all the way.

Heavy constant city driving usually came out around 19 MPG.

Urban traffic around 23 MPG.

The ES300h is getting a steady 43 to 44 MPG in the summer city and interstate.

You might like the RX350h but they are scarce in these parts.

So they are loading them up to get top dollar. Called Free Enterprise!

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