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Towing 1800# Load


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I've got a 2WD RX-300 without a towing package. It has a class III hitch. I want to pull a boat that weighs about 1800 pounds in mostly flat areas and a motorcycle which weighs about 1500 pounds including the trailer in the NC mountains. Has anyone had any experience towing with a similar vehicle? I believe the car will pull it, but will it stop it safely and will the car handle acceptably?

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Check your owners manual and find out what the max towing weight is. That includes boat, motor, trailer, all the equipment in the boat and don't forget the weight of the gas if the boat's tank is full (most people forget that 40gallans of fuel weights almost 300 lbs.). You shouldn't have a problem but I would suggest that you look into adding an oil cooler and/or a tranny fluid cooler. These items will prolong the life of your motor due to the added stress of towing.

Go to your library or search on the web, a good magazine is "Tralier Boat" ( They often have tips and do vehicle ratings. They list the 2003 AWD RX300 at 3500 lbs., BUT they do not list the 2WD RX300.

The most important part of towing is driver experience. Learn how to judge stopping distances, acceleration, turning and all the other caviats of the vehicle that change when a major load is pulled behind your vehicle. (most people forget that there is now 15-20' of stuff behind them).


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Thanks very much for the feedback. I will look into the oil and tranny coolers. However, my greatest concern is the stopping power of the vehicle. The one time I pulled the boat (a total of 20 flat miles) it was uncomfortable, but it could be my lack of experience towing with a small vehicle.

Thank you,


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