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    • By Sweaney
      2001 430.  My front windows both want to rub on the rubber seals when I roll them down. The rubber folds over and slows the window down.  Any one have this problem?
    • By wineluver
      2007 ES350, 190K, 12 years old
      Experiencing vibration/shaking while accelerating and at highway speeds, but always worse with any pressure on accelerator. Also, when braking I get steering wheel shake and vibration, which I thought was a warped rotor. Thought it was motor mounts so had a master mechanic check it out. He says mounts are fine, it’s my differential that is causing the acceleration vibration and the other is my steering gear (rack?) needs replacing. I’m going to my dealer for a second opinion. Any thoughts on this diagnosis? Also, what would be the long term issues if I choose to ignore both, particularly the steering issue? I am retired on SS so spending big money (estimate to remove & replace steering gear was $2750; god knows what a differential would cost!) is something I need to avoid. I love this car but cannot afford a new ES now that I’m retired. Any and all thoughts/comments are appreciated.
    • By wridav
      New to Lexus.  I have just purchased a friend's 2004 RX 330 AWD with 237,00 miles on it. (Original from USA)  He hit a road construction site in the rain and the rear driveshaft fell out doing damage to the transfer case etc.  After huge estimates to fix by the Toyota dealer in our area, I chose to take to a trusted mechanic and see it repaired more reasonably!
      No luck on a driveshaft from used so have ordered from Lexus Online: 1600 plus freight.  and a used transfer case 710 plus freight.
      Any advise appreciated. Where to purchase parts etc. Thanks
      Car is loaded with Nav, DVD player with wireless headphones etc. 
    • By MJ
      Hi everyone,
      This is my first post.
      I've looked for information on the Awd system for the IS but I can't find a clear answer.
      Assuming the diameter of the wheels is almost the same, is there an issue running wider tires in the rear, like a 295?
      Some have suggested a square set up, others say tire width is not an issue.
      If I missed a thread on this topic please let me know.
    • By jpgs30098
      Can the driver's seat bottom be replaced with the seat bottom from the passenger side ?   I'm interested in replacing the driver's side front seat bottom, cushion and leather.   After 17 years, mine is very worn.   There are passenger side seats available from the recyclers, but I'm trying to determine if any parts can be used on the driver's side.   Thanks!