*cold start* ENGINE NOISE WHEN STARTED..2006 lexus gs300 awd

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Couple days ago ,i bought a 2006 gs300 awd and it makes a noise on cold starts,we know this is a common  problem on these cars ,we know its something  with the cam gear or cam seal that causes, maybe to leak the oil when not running and causes the noise rattle  noise on cold starts,if anyone  had had this problem  please  help ,i know the parts arent going to  cost much its maybe the labor,around  how much would this job cost me at a lexus dealer?everyones help will be appreciated. .. thanks.. ps  i also heard this was a recall problem  and a lexus dealer could  possibly  fix this issue for free not sure ..

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If you're issue is what you claim I believe it is a recall which shouldn't cost you anything. However the diagnosis is going to cost you money if you tell them you're hearing noises if they want to be a pain. Check and see if the recall has been applied to you.

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