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I just took delivery of a 2008 600hl and read the manual and am still having some problems.  I am starting to think that the "Everything was checked out and works!" description might not be entirely accurate.  

  • The trunk will not open using either the remote or the button next to the gas cap button (which does work, thankfully, as I will need gas soon). I toggled the button switch in the glove box but it made no difference in either position.  I use the key to open the trunk.  The button under the trunk lid doesn't work either.
  • I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the rear control panel in the rear armrest to work.  It just sits there, dark.  I looked around, read the manual (could have missed something) but I can't get any button to work or any display to light up.  The lower control (for window shades?) also does not work.  I think there should be a remote also and it's missing.  If I get one on eBay will it work or does it need some 'pairing'?
  • The speakers sound awful and I think at least one is damaged and some aren't sounding at all.  Is this something that can be entrusted to a car stereo store to fix or is this strictly dealer work?
  • The hybrid-only power mode stops working with the slightest depression of the accelerator.  Is this because the battery is low or is something else maybe out of whack?
  • There is a hole behind the license plate.  Seems odd, like maybe something should be plugging it or installed there.

I was so happy to get this car (interior/exterior are not bad) but it doesn't seem to be in good operating order.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  If this or part of this needs to go to a different forum, I'll move it - thanks!



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Sorry to hear about your issues but who supposedly did the pre-inspection on this vehicle? Maybe the fixes are simple and maybe they are not. I would take it to a lexus dealership and pay the $130 for a proper diagnosis if the web is no help. Try this forum also to get quick answers to your questions.

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