2004 gx470 transfer case noise

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Hi. I'm a new member with a question. I've never used my shifter in L. but lately it's making a buzzing sound and twice it sounded like a rollercoaster going up hill (click-click-click), and then after a minute or so back to just buzzing again. While investigating the noise, I put it into L (with great difficulty) and discovered that is where the bad noise is coming from. It's got 230,000 miles on it, and has always been extremely reliable. I plan to change the fluid tomorrow to see if that helps, but was curious if anyone on this forum has any experience related to this that you would be willing to share? Thanks in advance! 

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I had similar issues and got a used transfer case from benzeen auto for about 1400.   I had to used my original computer box which is attached to the transfer case.  The one which came with the used case was faulty.  Everything works great ever since. Have a mechanic who knows there stiff do the job.  The labor is about $450.  Did this two years ago without any other issues with the noise which usually happens at 65mph and above.  My vehicle now has 314k on it.

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